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Whether you use WEBCPA bookkeeping services, you have a in house or outsourced bookkeeper or use a bookkeeping software, we do a complete professional financial statement according to Canadian or U.S GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). These financial statements are then used to prepare tax returns, provide to third parties or financial institutions, if required. Interim financial statements can also be prepared as needed to help you manage your business.

(Compilation Engagement Report – CSRS 42002)

A compilation engagement is not an assurance engagement. The engagement does not require the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to perform procedures to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by management. Accordingly, the CPA does not express an audit opinion or a review conclusion, or provide any form of assurance on the financial information

This type of engagement involves the preparation of financial statements by a CPA along with an unaudited financial statement and statement  Compilation Engagement Report.

Whether you are looking to traditional grandfather or cloud based bookkeeping services, we serve businesses of all types and sizes. We currently serve 100’s of businesses across Canada and U.S.A. We promise fast turnaround for guaranteed quality for all bookkeeping jobs. All our bookkeepers are certified with several years of bookkeeping experience.

Why Us?

You will get a very quality bookkeeping service at a flat pricing structure and customized for your needs, you also enjoy below benefits

Cost efficiency and Management efficiency

Businesses can save about 50 – 70 % on their bookkeeping when using our outsourcing service instead of hiring a part or full-time bookkeeper in-house. This 50% savings is just on the salary alone and not including the overheads such as office space, software, utilities and management time.

Saves time

Owners and management can focus on what is most important in running their business rather than wasting time on worrying about finishing accounting on time, tax deadlines and keeping their accounts up to date. This saves significant amount of time for every business.

Increased productivity

When bookkeeping is outsourced to us owners and managers can focus their attention into business operations and it directly helps on increasing the efficiency and productivity, who would be otherwise involved in crunching numbers.

On time Decision making

Decision making at the right time is very important for a business to have a better control of the business performance. When you outsource bookkeeping with us, you will get all the important financial and management reports on time. Having the reports on time is crucial for decision making and to gain better control.

Management efficiency

Management of in-house employees becomes an additional burden and overhead for small businesses outsourcing bookkeeping function increase management efficiency and provide more room to grow.

What we offer?

Computerized Bookkeeping

Computerized bookkeeping desktop software such as QuickBooks, Serge, Etc., which uses relational databases to record the financial transactions of a business entity; WEBCPA’s remote bookkeepers supervise the internal controls for computerized bookkeeping systems yours, to minimize errors in documenting, recording or posting transaction and help you compile financial statements and year end tax filings

Hybrid Bookkeeping

If a business did not have proper bookkeeping system, business owners or people in charge with financial matters maintain their own sets of source documents to capture the daily transactions history of their sales, purchases, income and expense, meanwhile they might be using computer software and spreadsheet to record them.  On a quarterly or annual basis bringing or sending us the all the source document and banks, credit cards and cash receipts and payments, we can help the put together all the transaction and reconcile with their source documents and prepare the quarterly or yearly financial statements, calculated and pay taxes and set some budgets for the year ahead.

Cloud bookkeeping.

WEBCPA’s mission is Our mission is to keep you informed anytime, anywhere with precise financial information to make timely decision to achieve your mission, through providing affordable Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax & Financial services.

The cloud accounting software landscape encompasses many solutions designed to serve a number of accounting/bookkeeping functions. These automation capabilities enable accountants/bookkeepers and their clients to save time and increase efficiency, allowing them to spend more time on business growth. Being able to access financial data and information quickly (i.e., in real time) will empower businesses to make informed decisions sooner rather than later.

We provide payroll services for clients who uses our bookkeeping, accounting or tax services. This can include setting up payroll direct deposits, l government remittance and returns (Payroll source deduction, EHT, WSIB etc.). we use both traditional and cloud based payroll processing.

We help clients with implementation of in-house accounting system, online or cloud-based accounting systems. We are partnered with many different accounting solutions providers such as QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero, etc.